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All our products are anti-static, antimicrobial, antibacterial and weather proof.
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The High quality products are manufactured keeping our mission in mind therefore using technology that also uses environment friendly manufacturing process.
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About Us

Shayna EcoUnified is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company incorporated with the intent to reduce the dumping of plastics in the environment, by creating affordable materials and structural products by recycling the plastic waste and thus creating a cleaner tomorrow for the generations to come.

This has been made possible by collaborating with The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-National Physical Laboratory (NPL), with whom this technology was developed, tested and certified for usage in multiple applications. Using waste plastic, we recycle and produce high performance materials in the form of tiles, furniture, panels, modules and units.

The output is durable, heat resistant, weather resistant, chip resistant, acid proof, corrosion resistant, anti static, anti microbial, water proof and most importantly recyclable. The products also offer better structural stability, longer shelf life and are eco-friendly as compared to conventional materials.

  • Experienced waste management team.
  • Fast and 100% reliable customer support.
  • Steady and sustainable growth.
  • Giving back to the community.
Collection Containers
Tons of Waste Recycled
Trees Saved Yearly

Vision & Mission

  • To reduce the chronic effects of plastic waste in the country and build sustainable cities/towns with durable and affordable infrastructure.
  • To gradually reduce and eliminate plastic menace from the ecosystem by continuously striving to improvise the current methodology of waste management.
  • To educate masses upon IWR Concept – Individual Waste Responsibility, wherein every single citizen knows and understands the importance of segregating and carefully disposing off waste and understands the importance of recycling and products made from recycled waste, thus closing the loop of circular economy

Technology & Certifications

Shayna EcoUnified India Pvt. Ltd. being a Zero Waste Operation company is credited with three integral certifications categorized by organizations of great importance. Dedicated to make a vision turn into reality Shayna EcoUnified efforts are being recognized under Startup India initiative headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has qualified Shayna EcoUnified to devise this remarkable shift in plastic waste management industry. Standing tall with our innovation for waste diversion and recycling Shayna EcoUnified has received its testing certificate as well. With these certifications in place, Shayna is determined in bringing in a fresh approach to waste management while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness.

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