We Safeguard The Environment

Shayna EcoUnified is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company incorporated with the intent to reduce the dumping of plastics in the environment, by creating affordable materials and structural products by recycling the plastic waste and thus creating a cleaner tomorrow for the generations to come.

This has been made possible by collaborating with The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-National Physical Laboratory (NPL), with whom this technology was developed, tested and certified for usage in multiple applications. Using waste plastic, we recycle and produce high performance materials in the form of tiles, furniture, panels, modules and units.

The output is durable, heat resistant, weather resistant, chip resistant, acid proof, corrosion resistant, anti static, anti microbial, water proof and most importantly recyclable. The products also offer better structural stability, longer shelf life and are eco-friendly as compared to conventional materials.

Our Vision

To reduce the chronic effects of plastic bags in India and build plastic free cities and towns with durable and quantitative infrastructure further offering a long-term resolution to unavailability of basic amenities like toilets in rural areas specifically.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide plastic pollution solution by eliminating waste plastic menace from the ecosystem, we strive to improvise the current established scenario of waste management.

Company History


The Idea came into being

Every Big dream starts with a thought and therefore, the idea of Shanaya Ecounified took shape on 10th Feb 2017.

Technical Meeting with Scientist

Meeting reputed people and scientists to pitch them and go beyond the idea to explore.

Incorporation of SHAYNA

Shayna was brought into existence by _______ on 24 the May 2017 and there was no looking back.

Patent Rights were procured

On 3rd july 2017, Shayna got it’s products and its USPs patented. We were prepared to hit the markets.

Infrastructure setup (Plant & Machinery)

On 22nd Nov 2017, Shayna got it’s infrastructure in place starting from the location, plant, to heavy machinery.

Production Started

On 13th Jan 2018, Shayna started with it’s production of tiles with a team of dedicated hard-working professionals.

First Order/First Client

Shayna Ecounified received it’s very first assignment on 3rd March 2018 by GHMC and we were grateful.

First Corporate Client

August 2018, Shayna Ecounified got its major corporate project with Loreal and it was a kickstart to our success stories.

First Media Coverage

December 2018 Shayna Ecounified got its success story covered by the media.
I came across Shayna Ecounified, when one of our supplier at L'Oreal accidentally sent us their newsletter. A section in the newsletter had mentioned about Shayna Ecounified and the plastic recycling work that they do. I immediately contacted them and that's how our journey began! A wonderful accident I must say. Paras from Shayna Ecounified, came down to visit us at Pune factory and proposed the idea of making plastic tiles from our own plastic waste.It was a very unique idea! With help of proactive response and dedication by the team of Shayna Ecounified, we were able to create walkways around our Pune factory by plastic tiles that were recycled by our own plastic waste. They even make custom made tiles as per your own requirements. With this we saved about 10 tons of plastic. The team is very professional,flexible and supportive. The work that they do is very commendable indeed. With their help, we were able to do some part of our bit to the environment. I highly recommend their team for innovative projects related to plastic recycling! We are proud to be associated with them 🙂 Keep up the good work, you guys!
Shreya L'Oreal

Partner / Collaboration -

Sales & Marketing - Futech Innovations.