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Nishant Tyagi

Partner, Futech Innovations

Nishant has 15 years of sailing experience as Merchant Marine officer in addition he has experienced in mechanical construction field. He has experienced the impact/ nuisance created by plastic waste on the environment closely. He has taken upon himself to contribute to the Society in getting rid of the plastic waste…Being a keen admirer and a nature loving person himself, he so well understands that how much important it is to live in a healthy surrounding. Keeping this notion in mind he, with his strong will has taken a step forward in helping India go green. This creative idea will surely prove a big support in India’s Eco-friendly movement..

Nishant has got the vision & power to sustain in all the toughs n turns…Being a sailor himself he has earned the power to never give up and sustain long for a smooth sail…The same he will add into this new venture which is totally of and for the country…A Healthy n Green India is the motto…