HDCP Paver Blocks

Interlocking tiles are extensively demanded for their wide spectrum of applications in offices, residences and other various commercial establishments.

Wall and Floor HDCP Tiles

The wall and floor tiles crafted out of waste plastic bags come in 3 square sizes, 1ftx1ft, 13inches x13 inches and 1.5ft x1.5 ft. They are lightweight & compact, and comes with an interlocking feature.

Designer HDCP Tiles

Our specially crafted designer HDCP tiles come in exclusive prints, patterns, colours and textures, which are enough to be a part of any interior design of the house.

Value added products

Our Eecounified smart structures are fully customisable interns of dimensions and sizes. We currently offer waste bins made out of HDCP tile sad Smart Toilet structures made using HDCP tiles.

Application & Qualities