EcoUnifying India

Shayna EcoUnified Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with various NGOs and state governments gathers all plastic waste. This plastic act as a raw material for our products. After hours of formulation and application of recycling techniques, the final products are ready for use. This simple transformation of plastic into environment friendly products like affordable roof tiles, floor tiles and structure tiles will help various rural areas to afford basic facilities like toilets and houses which will further lead to attrition in diseases, upliftment in economy, reduction in crime, facilitation of shelter and above all protection of the environment.

EcoUnifying Facts

600 waste plastic bags 1 tile Size: 12”X12” tile 900g
400 waste plastic bags 1 tile Size: 7”X6” tile 700g
42,000 waste plastic bags 250 tiles Size: 12x12 to 18x18 tiles 1 public toilet structure