About Us

The alarming surge in usage of non-biodegradable plastic products has impacted the ecosystem at hazardous levels leaving the planet choked every single day. Shayna EcoUnified India Pvt. Ltd. has been incorporated with the intent to reduce the dumping of plastics in the environment to save the planet, creating affordable structural materials from the plastic waste and thus creating a better tomorrow for the generations to come. This has been possible through a golden handshake with the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-National Physical Laboratory’s (NPL), with whom this technology was developed, tested and certified for usage in multiple applications. Using plastic waste materials, we are able to turn plastics into high performance materials in the form of High Density Composite polymer (HDCP) tiles and blocks. These materials are weather resistant, chip resistant, acid proof, durable and offer better structural stability at a lower cost as compared to conventional materials in addition to protecting the environment from plastic dumping.

Shayna EcoUnified India Pvt. Ltd. has dedicated its existence into transforming the adverse effects of plastics into composite and affordable structural tiles for societal benefit. Having a recyclable infrastructure in place and driven with a single point focus to turn plastics into high performance materials, Shayna EcoUnified India Pvt. Ltd. strives to deploy cost-effective architectural tiles further redirecting the recycling dimension of India towards an evolution.

Our Vision

To reduce the chronic effects of plastic bags in India and build plastic free cities and towns with durable and quantitative infrastructure further offering a long-term resolution to unavailability of basic amenities like toilets in rural areas specifically.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide plastic pollution solution by eliminating waste plastic menace from the ecosystem, we strive to improvise the current established scenario of waste management.